Freeride Camp with Flo Orley 2023

(C) Klaus Polzer

Wanna ride fresh, untouched powders? Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of our very first freeride snowboard camp with backcountry legend Flo Orley hosted by art of excellence! Freeriding is the ultimate fascination for nature-loving snowboarders. Are you addicted as well?…

1st ‘OUT OF OFFICE’ sports day

140 international and national personalities from the world of sports accepted the invitation of art of excellence and Skillyard last weekend and met on Europe’s largest artificial standing surf wave in Ebensee.

Numerous athletes from action sports such as snowboarding, ski jumping, skateboarding and mountain biking traveled to Ebensee in order to test their sporting talents outside their core discipline by river surfing, in addition to exchanging ideas over a cozy barbecue. The participants had an exciting and fun surfing session including a competition on the ten meter wide and one and a half meter high wave.

My big dream? Win Olympic Gold! – Interview Lisa Schulte

On the occasion of the start of the luge season 2021/22 we met the luge talent Lisa Schulte for an interview. She talked to us not only about her athletic goals, but also about competitiveness within the team, what a typical training day looks like for her, and what hobbies she pursues in her free time.

Bang on time!

The epitome of perfect timing – A WORLD PREMIERE
After an intense week of training in Obergurgl, the big moment had come in April 2021: both skydivers and skiers shared the sky for the very same moment on the very same spot – a world debut!
Bang on time captured this moment when the skiers used a kicker to jump and the skydivers passed that kicker at the same time with a speed of more than 200 km/h.

Project ‘Urban Foil’ – the New Danube as city playground for Wingfoiling

When it comes to new sports trends, there is no way around wing foiling in 2021. Wing foiling is an exciting variation of windsurfing and kitesurfing with the great benefit that relatively little wind is already sufficient for wing foiling – which makes the sport practicable in practically any body of water.

Red Bull LEDGend 2021 – the skate contest for tech fanatics

Levi Loeffelberger performs during Red Bull LEDGEnd in Vienna, Austria on July 31, 2021 // SI202108010079 // Usage for editorial use only //

Innovation and impressive tricks characterized the Red Bull LEDGEnd 2021 Tech Skate Session Finale, which took place on July 31 on Vienna’s Danube Island. evcom organized the spectacular event, which was hosted for the second time at Copa Beach Plaza and thrilled hundreds of spectators.

aoe athletes as new Skillyard coaches

The latest one-on-one skill learning platform SKILLYARD is partnering up with art of excellence, presenting 3 aoe athletes as new Skillyard coaches. 

We proudly present the launch of a partnership between two very innovative platforms in Austria: art of excellence as content creators and a pool of top-class athletes and Skillyard as the place for professional athletes from different sports sharing their skills, tips and tricks. 

Lukas Kaufmann finishes fifth in the world’s toughest 1-day bike race!

Incredible 14,000 vertical meters and 525 kilometers in 21 hours and 47 minutes – and thus a great 5th place at the Race Across the Alps! Lukas Kaufmann’s result could be summarized as simply as that. However, not if this result would include 12 alpine passes in the border triangle of Austria, Switzerland and Italy. A race over 2 days at temperatures of +30 degrees heat during the day and barely 3 degrees at night in the rain against over 40 endurance professionals, sometimes even twice the ascent of the high Stelvio would include.


The beautiful scenery of the Tyrolian Alps, still snow covered but sunny, have been a perfect backdrop for the OPEL MOKKA-e shooting we did together with the Red Bull Skydive Team in April. …


Styria is a beautiful part of Austria and Schladming is not only well known for being a great ski resort and alpine world cup stopover.

Schladming is also one of Austria´s finest MTB Downhills spots. More than 40.000 bikers visited the Bikepark Schladming and its 35 kilometers of dedicated MTB trails …