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Red Bull LEDGend 2021 – the skate contest for tech fanatics

August 23, 2021

Innovation and impressive tricks characterized the Red Bull LEDGEnd 2021 Tech Skate Session Finale, which took place on July 31 on Vienna’s Danube Island. evcom organized the spectacular event, which was hosted for the second time at Copa Beach Plaza and thrilled hundreds of spectators.


12 skaters delivered a show of superlatives and impressed not only die-hard skate fans with their skills.


art of excellence athlete Levi Löffelberger, an exceptional skate talent, emerged as the winner of this contest for the second time in a row. Levi made himself the first Red Bull LEDGEnd last year with tricks that give spectators a knot in their brains. The man from Salzburg has “only” been on the board for 10 years and in this time he has developed into probably one of the world’s best tech skaters out there.


How Levi managed to win Red Bull LEDGEnd for the second time, he explains quite modestly with the fact that in his home park, ledge is his favourite obstacle – therefore he rides almost only ledge himself. And that’s exactly why it’s his clear strength.


Despite the limited possibilities in terms of different ledges at Red Bull LEDGEnd, the format enjoys enormous popularity among skaters. ‘The special thing about Red Bull LEDGEnd is that you can try tricks that you would otherwise never see in contests’, Levi resumes.

‘The choice of obstacles is indeed limited, but it doesn’t have to stay that way. Yet, it would also be exciting for me to incorporate a curved ledge or other forms of ledges into the format in the future.’


As for the time slots, which are rather long at 30 minutes and correspondingly energy-sapping, Levi only has favorable words. In his opinion, it would be cool to increase the slots to 40 minutes, so that there is time for a 10-minute break between all the trying.


It will be interesting to see whether Red Bull LEDGEnd 2022 will come up with further forms of ledges and what awaits the participants and spectators next year.

The special thing about Red Bull LEDGEnd is that you can try tricks that you would otherwise never see in contests’

– Levi Löffelberger, Red Bull LEDGEnd Champion 2020 & 2021 Tweet

Photos (C): Red Bull Contentpool

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