Project 'Urban Foil'

- the New Danube as city playground for WINGFOILING​

October 15, 2021

When it comes to new sports trends, there is no way around wing foiling in 2021. Wing foiling is an exciting variation of windsurfing and kitesurfing with the great benefit that relatively little wind is already sufficient for wing foiling – which makes the sport practicable in practically any body of water.


The propulsion of the wingfoil is provided by an inflatable sail that you hold in your hands. Because the board is equipped with a hydrofoil, the sail can be small and handy. So small, in fact, that the entire equipment even fits as luggage on a motorcycle.

Reason enough for us to create innovative sports content on behalf of our project partners Red Bull Mediahouse, Brixton Motorcycles and gloryfy eyewear, with clear focus on entertainment, coolness and the extraordinary.

The perfect brand testimonial for our dynamic video project ‘Urban Foil’ was quickly found:
art of excellence
athlete Stefan Spiessberger is a surf pro and has been an icon in the kite community for many years. In his most successful time, he was number 5 in the world ranking list and thus the best kite surfer from a landlocked country.

In wing foiling, he has found his new sporting vocation and he maneuvers skillfully over the water like no other. In addition, Stefan is a passionate motorcyclist – and therefore the ideal candidate to perfectly represent the brands Brixton and gloryfy.

With ‘Urban Foil’, we have developed a concept for our clients that is modern, casual and unusual and not only credibly conveys the brands presented, but also helps to showcase Vienna as one of the most livable cities in Europe.

The setting for ‘Urban Foil’ is on the New Danube in Vienna. Shooting took place over 2 days in the city center, on the highway and the New Danube. For the action shots we found the area under the Brigittenauer bridge to be perfect.

In addition to spectacular, aesthetic video content (59″ and 90″), the Urban Foil project also resulted in a beautiful photo shoot including 4-pages coverage about art of excellence athlete Stefan Spiessberger and wing foiling in the current issue of Red Bulletin (10/2021).


Stefan has been appointed brand ambassador for Brixton Motorcycles.


art of excellence not only developed and conceptualized the project “Urban Foil”, but also accompanied and coordinated it organizationally and executively from hour zero to the final result.

In addition to the existing project partners, we were able to win further project supporters like Duotone and Alpinestars.

Link to Red Bulletin article
Link to video on Stefan’s Instagram channel 

Vienna, Traunsee, New York - wing foiling can be done practically everywhere, where there is water and a bit of wind.

– Stefan Spiessberger, wing foiling pro Tweet

Photos (C): Philipp Reiterer, Manu Grafenauer, Ivan Bandic

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