Our portfolio covers summer and winter sports, from traditional disciplines to action sports. 

Kiteboarding allows athletes to be very creative about how to perform any type of trick. Body control, endurance, fitness and lots of focus and concentration are the essence to be able to control a kite to perform any aerial maneuveurs.

Stefan Spiessberger

I’m a water loving human being - always on the hunt for new spots and waves in our beautiful rivers. Riversurfing is both freedom and creativity, combining the love for sports and nature. It is an amazing experience and opportunity to be a surfer living in the alps.

Lukas Haigermoser

Body control, endurance, fitness, speed and a lot of determination and focus are the essence to be able to ride the bike downhill as quickly as possible. I am constantly trying to show my fighting spirit and I want to prove myself that I am able to return to the top again.

Brook MacDonald