Bang on time!

Bang on time!

- The epitome of perfect timing

November 26, 2021

The epitome of perfect timing – A WORLD PREMIERE


Marco Waltenspiel and Marco Fürst are adrenaline enthusiasts who are passionate about skydiving & base-jumping. Air is their favoured element – being aerial acrobats can therefore be called their true vocation.

Typical for the Red Bull Skydiving team, they are always looking for new, innovative stunts to wow their audience – what should have succeeded excellently with their most current project: Bang on time.


Bang on time represents a truly outstanding stunt, merging aerial sports with the no less exciting sports counterpart on the ground: freeskiing. But how in the world can one manage to combine these two sports into a single stunt?



When Marco and Marco came by our art of excellence office to tell us about their idea back in autumn 2020, we were immediately on fire and enthusiastically supported them in transforming this exciting idea into a concept.

Because even if it might sound strange at the first glance, there is a definite link between skydivers and freestyle skiers: both spend a proper amount of time in the air while performing their tricks – either by jumping from a kicker or by a jump out of the helicopter.

Therefore, the amazing Atomic Ski Team could be inspired for the project. The suitable location was also found quickly – the breathtaking backdrop in Obergurgl was the perfect setting for the Bang on time project.

Apart from Ötztal tourism and, of course, Red Bull, more partners such as Lenz, Atomic and GoPro were gained for the project which we also managed in terms of production and organization.

After an intense week of training in Obergurgl, the big moment had come in April 2021: both skydivers and skiers shared the sky for the very same moment on the very same spot – a world debut!

Bang on time captured this moment when the skiers used a kicker to jump and the skydivers passed that kicker at the same time with a speed of more than 200 km/h.

What’s so extraordinary about this stunt is easily explained: The ultra-narrow time frame of a freeskier’s air flip can be only caught in time by extremely skillful air acrobats and requires ultra-high precision.


The result is worth seeing – we are proud to share the amazing Bang on time content which was just launched!

Watch the stunning video here:

Besides an action clip, we also produced a 26’ documentary about the project together with Solid Shot. The documentary is focusing on behind the scenes content, showing all the intense preparation work and hard training that had to be done. Of course, also still images have been produced for all brands involved.


We prepared for this moment for a long time and after several days of trial and error we finally had a plan, but of course time was running out. The last day would have to be Bang on Time.

– Marco Waltenspiel, Red Bull Skydiving Team Tweet

Photos (C): Michael Groessinger

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