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aoe athletes as new Skillyard coaches

July 27, 2021

The latest one-on-one skill learning platform SKILLYARD is partnering up with art of excellence

We proudly present the launch of a promising relationship between art of excellence as content creators and a pool of top-class athletes and SKILLYARD as the place for professional athletes from different sports sharing their skills, tips and tricks.

The two together represent the point of contact for the water and action sports community – for all sports enthusiasts who want to step up in their game and who not only want to learn their desired sport, but to learn from the very best.

From the first steps on what gear you need to finding good spots, from getting fitness tips and tricks to learning a new special high-level trick – SKILLYARD provides beginners and intermediates the unique opportunity to directly get in touch with their desired coach to address their specific and individual questions.

We are happy to announce that 3 aoe athletes have joined SKILLYARD as new coaches:

kiteboarding pro Stefan Spiessberger, surfing enthusiast Lukas Haigermoser and the exceptionally gifted skateboarder Phil Josephu.

The very first output of our cooperation included a shooting for SKILLYARD with art of excellence kiteboarding pro Stefan Spiessberger at his home base in Ebensee.

To drive awareness for SKILLYARD’s portfolio, we produced a 2-minute video trailer for one-on-one sessions starring Stefan.

Stefan counts among the most talented kiteboarding athletes with three podium finishes in the GKA Kite Word Cup so far. But his motivation goes beyond that. He wants to share his passion with as many other people as possible who are also curious to go out there and create.

Learn more about Skillyard here:

„It’s a new and unique way for me to give feedback, to make you progress as good as possible.“

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