Lukas Kaufmann finishes fifth in the world’s toughest 1-day bike race!

June 29, 2021

Incredible 14,000 vertical meters and 525 kilometers in 21 hours and 47 minutes – and thus a great 5th place at the Race Across the Alps! Lukas Kaufmann’s result could be summarized as simply as that. However, not if this result would include 12 alpine passes in the border triangle of Austria, Switzerland and Italy.  A race over 2 days at temperatures of +30 degrees heat during the day and barely 3 degrees at night in the rain against over 40 endurance professionals, sometimes even twice the ascent of the high Stelvio would include. Then this race is called the toughest 1-day bike race in the world.


Among the record field of 46 participants this year, there were even 3 courageous ladies who participated in this hell of a ride.


The wet cold caused by the sudden rain after a hot day meant an additional mental and physical burden for Lukas on the climb, which had to be overcome. However, Lukas is not one to give up so easily and so he fought his way through this long distance and crossed the finish line in Nauders with an excellent average speed of 23.8 km/h after exactly 21:47:58.


It was a really successful debut at the 20th edition of the Race Across the Alps for Lukas. We congratulate Lukas on this sensational 5th place at the hardest 1-day race in the world.  The victory of this year’s edition went to Dominik Schranz from Tyrol.


We are already looking forward to Lukas’ participation at the world-famous hardest mountain bike marathon in Europe, the Salzkammergut Trophy, which will take place on July 17th, 2021 in Bad Goisern/Austria. The extreme distance with 7 courses leads over 210 km and 7,000 vertical meters.
We wish Lukas much success in this next race!


"At the top of the first pass I was in fifteenth place and thought to myself that it was incredible how fast all the other riders in the field were as well. My team was great, so I just had to pedal and to manage my power well. I didn`t lose focus when it started to rain at about midnight at over 2,300 meters. It wasn't particularly warm there anymore - but no one said it was just going to be fun either.”

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