Hannes klausner

Austria, May 2021


Sometimes you are forced to change plans. And sometimes you realize afterwards that it was actually a damn good idea to do so.


Originally Hannes wanted to do a road trip to Mount Etna but then there was Corona. Because it was impossible to know in the beginning when things would get back to kind of normal again, he knew that he had to develop a different idea.


In Spring 2021 he packed his bike and started to drive across Austria, looking for areas he had never been before, searching for that true freeride experience. Without any boundaries but full of creativity. He discovered a new side of his home country and found some beautiful spots to just go out and ride, starting in Salzburg and going to Upper Austria and Styria.


THE MINE was one of those spots and a great location to shooting stunning content. It’s unknown where the spot is. But anyway, THE MINE was way more than a photo shooting for Hannes, it was another experience of true freeriding, a trip without pre-defined route or finish.
It was just one big free line.

Freeride is about free line choice, and to find new and free lines in my home country is always special to me.

– Hannes Klausner

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